WHAT IS style italiano?

Style Italiano is an international community, famous all over the world, of passionate clinicians and researchers specialized in aesthetic and restorative dentistry
The group has revolutionized dentistry with innovative methods, protocols and instruments. Thanks to its DNA open to the sharing of experiences, clinical cases and scientific innovations, today Style Italiano has become worldwide synonymous with avant-garde dentistry in all its specialties.
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A bit of history


The Style Italiano movement was born in the early 2000s from the idea of ​​two friends: Dr. Walter Devoto and Proff. Angelo Putignano. The two dentists are recognized as experts in conservative and aesthetic dentistry, and had observed that materials were available that allowed for the creation of splendid direct restorations, but lacked adequate concepts for their use. Since time is a scarce resource in any dental practice, the two friends have decided to develop simplified techniques that allow each dentist to achieve impressive results with direct composite materials. All the concepts of Style Italiano have 3 things in common, summarized in the motto:


CONGRESSES and SEMINARS of dentistry

Style Italiano confronts the world and expands its experience everywhere, organizes seminars, courses and conferences in universities of the most important capitals, its members are recognized and called as teachers and professors. The founder dr. Devoted, he is frequently called as a teacher of national and international courses and congresses of dentistry. 


(Starting from the left to number the images)

1. IDS (International Dental Show), MDP presentation of SmileLine created by Style Italiano

2. 3M ESPE’s webinar by Dr. Devoto and Prof. Putignano


(Starting from the left to number the images)

1.  Style Italiano Congress for DentalED 

2. Dr. Devoto Teacher at the course organized by Style Italiano in Jakartata

3.  Style Italiano for White Dental Beauty on June (UK)

4. Amsterdam European Association of Students in Dentistry Congress in the prestigious ACTA University

5.  London Dentistry Congress

6.  Seminar from Seul

7.  Train the Trainers Course

8.  Dr. Devoto Teacher at organized course in Vietnam

9.  Daily Menu Course organized by Styleitaliano in Santa Margherita Ligure (Italy)


(Starting from the left to number the images)

1.  Style Italiano Congress for DentalED 

2. Dr. Devoto Teacher at the course organized by Style Italiano in Jakartata

3.  Style Italiano for White Dental Beauty on June (UK)


1.  200K Congress at Universidad Complutense de Madrid – Ceremony of Silver Member by Style Italiano

2.  Style Italiano in St. Petersburg

3.  IDS – International Dental Show – Cologne

4. Daily Menu Course organized by Style Italiano in Milan

5.  IDS – International Dental Show – Cologne

6.  200K Congress at Madrid  – Founders dr.Devoto and prof.Putignano


1.  Development of new LM Arte SOLO Posterior and Anterior tools

2.  Launch of the new Styleitaliano TV platform featuring on-demand educational content

3. Introduction of new Essential Dentistry Online Courses with practical at-home components (Practice Kits)

4.  Donation to the International Red Cross to support COVID-19 pandemic efforts.


1.  Invention of the OPTISHADE device for digital color detection

2.  New Courses 1: Restorative Composite Restorations on Anteriors and Posteriors in Milan and Portofino

3. New Courses 2: Restorative Direct and Indirect Veneers on Anteriors and Posteriors in Milan and Portofino


1.  Renaissance of Smile – First StyleItaliano Congress in Dubai

2.  Introduction of the new Pascal Pick-Pack tool

3.  Collaboration with new partner Zeiss

4. Launch of the COMPO-VIBES Smileline composite modeling tool with low-frequency vibration


1.  IDS 100 Years – International Dental Show 14 – 18 March 2023 Cologne

2.  New ESPRESSO Restorative Online Courses on Anterior and Posterior

3.  Publication Book LAYERS 2 Direct Composite: The Styleitaliano Clinical Secrets

4. Styleitaliano Latam Meeting Congress 25-26 May 2023 – Mexico

5.  3 New Burs Kits by Intensiv developed by Styleitaliano

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What Dr. Devoto teaches is a method of restoration, a technique, objective, simplified, with excellent results and the main “REPRODUCIBLE FOR ALL”. Less layers, less colors and professional and perfect results.
Generally the more we improve, the more we become demanding and this does not mean that we make things more complex, it is the opposite: we look for things that simplify, facilitate and optimize the routine.

walter devoto style italiano styleitaliano

From 2000-2004 he taught Reconstructive Dentistry in a course of Laser refinement at the same University
From 2005-2006 lecturer at the University of Madrid, master of Esthetic Dentistry
From 2005-2009 lecturer at the University of studies in Siena, Course of Aesthetics and Restorative Dentistry, professorship of Conservative Dentistry.
At the moment he is Lecturer at the International University of Catalona, Barcelona, for a post graduate course in Aesthetic Dentistry,
Visiting professor at the “Universitè de la Mediterranee, Marseille” in the course of Refinement of Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry


Style Italiano has invented its own instruments to put new techniques into practice in the best and most efficient way.

Some of the most famous instruments:

• SmileLine MDP – Dental Photography (Fig.1)

• Kit Hands On DailyMenu Courses (Fig.2-3)

• Style Loupes by Univet (Fig.4)

• Veneer Me by SmileLine (Fig.5)

if you are part of the community, you have the opportunity to propose your idea of ​​an instrument and style italiano helps you to achieve it.

Conservative and aesthetic COURSES



Daily Menu 36th Edition style italiano santa margherita ligure genova

Picture from Dailymenu Course 36th Edition – Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)- Italy

Style Italiano organizes courses in the studio in Santa Margherita Ligure and Milan, is a 4-day program that includes internal, rear, direct and indirect. Taught in English by the founders Walter Devoto and Angelo Putignano together with Jordi Manauta. There are two types of DailyMenu: a basic course and an advanced course.

nel mondo

INTERNAtional Courses

style italiano emirati arabi saudita

Picture from Styleitaliano course in Saudi Arabia – 2018

StyleItaliano is famous all over the world and every year its members are invited to hold international courses in the main capitals, the programs are based on conservative and aesthetic techniques perfected over the years, check on the official website for dates and info.


+39 389 619 0091
+39 389 619 0091


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